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E-Commerce Service

Complete E-Commerce Services - From China to U.S.

We can consolidate shipments in China for merchants who would like to create a great buyer's experience for their customers in the U.S.  We ship the goods to the U.S., transfer them to our warehouse and make sure they meet all packing standards. Then we deliver the goods to Amazon's warehouse if FBA service is required. Or we may dispatch the goods to the end user directly by USPS, UPS or FedEx. 



Our multi-channel inventory system directly connects to top e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, TOPHATTER, AliExpress, Ebay, Wish, CommerceHub, Prestashop, Xcart, Woocommerce, Sears. This allows the merchants direct access to their inventory in our warehouse and follow up on each step of their order.


From U.S. to China

As a freight forwarder, we can also arrange E-Commerce shipments from the U.S. to China by Air or Sea.


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